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TF2 Cracked Items Problem

Discussion in 'Windows' started by mk2soldier, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. mk2soldier Member

    Hi! As the title says i've created a TF2 Dedicated server for playing on LAN, and built a cracked standalone to play on that server, but the clients that select the various items to equip on their characters are unable to change anything...

    How can i solve this problem?

    Thank you!

    (Sorry for my poor english..:)
  2. mk2soldier Member

    nobody has tried?
  3. ChrisTX Administrator

    Probably not. Since tf2 is ffa, the popularity of cracks for it decreased heavily. Why do you need it cracked, too?
  4. mk2soldier Member

    Hi! Thank you for your reply, i want it cracked because at LAN parties we don't have a working internet connection, and the only way to play this game is the no-steam way...

    Thank you again!
  5. mk2soldier Member

    I ask you, you think this is a client or a server side problem?
  6. ChrisTX Administrator

    I might be mistaken here, but what about Steam's offline mode? I thought that worked for LAN parties.

    I don't know honestly, but I have been told that client.dll features some item protections for some time now.
  7. mk2soldier Member

    yes, steam offline mode works but the loadout isn't available

    Do you think that somebody could patch it?

    Sorry for my poor english...
  8. ChrisTX Administrator

    I think this is what bir3yk's patcher - some version is available on the front page, not sure if the latest one - is for.
  9. mk2soldier Member

    Understood, you mean the patched vytian steam.dll inside the revemu archive?
  10. ChrisTX Administrator

  11. dfdfs New Member

    nope, neither patch works for me and even latest version of rev-emu says loadout not avalible could not connect to item server.